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Almost Flight one of School  (Total: 2.0 Dual, 5 Landings)

After about a month of waiting, I finally have enough money to afford flight school.  Actually, I have been renegotiating a new contract that had a large enough sign-on bonus to pay for the school.  I went down last weekend to SpanaFlight and handed them a check for $3000 to cover most of the training and to get a discount on joining the club there.  I scheduled my first flight for them for Thursday.

Thursday came and I went in a little early awaiting my instructor.  It turns out that he was stuck at Boeing field and couldn’t get back in time. He stated that due to the time limitations of this first lesson, we wouldn’t be able to fly today.  This noticeably bothered me, but alas, there was nothing I could do about it.  Fortunately, the instructor was able to spend 30 minutes or so orienting me with the place, and didn’t charge me for the time spent doing that.  I spent some time attempting to order the missing supplies that I need, but the order person had gone home.

My flight Instructor’s name is Matt, and he seems to be fairly young.  He has 5 years flying experience and has been instructing for 2 months.  This seems a little awkward to me, but I will stick with him and see how he does.

I go back on Monday to fly again, but I will be in this weekend to view the videos that they want me to view.  I plan on using my camera and posting some photos then.  More on Monday....

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