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Flight 24 at SpanaFlight (Total: 27.3 Dual, 1.3 Sim IFR, .2 Night, 103 Landings)


A combination of bad weather and holidays kept me grounded for almost 2 weeks, but I was determined to fly again before the new year.  The weather was marginal, with a slightly strong southerly wind, so I decided to risk the trip and go out to the airport and see how things are.  I arrived a little early, and pre-flighted the aircraft awaiting Matt's arrival.  

Matt arrived on time, and we went out immediately.  We started the aircraft and started taxiing out to runway 16.  The airport was fairly empty, probably due to the expected foul weather that was supposed to come in this evening.  It was early, and we decided that the weather would hold off enough to do some practice landings.  Took off and started my normal pattern work.  Things were going smoothly, but the first landing, I forgot everything Matt taught me about holding the flare and ballooned quite a bit down the runway.  

The second time around wasn't much better.  Third time through was the best of the bunch with a smooth touchdown, but Matt said I didn't flare enough and that he wanted me to do a full stop and do the rest of the landings that way so I could concentrate on the landing and not on the upcoming takeoff.  I didn't think I was having that problem, because I normally don't even think about the takeoff until after I am on the ground, but I didn't argue.  I think my problem (discovered after the flight, of course) was that I forgot the little pause step on my flare that allows the speed to bleed off so that I can land smoothly.  I will make a concerned effort next flight to remember that.

The next takeoff and landing was about the same as the first, and we pulled off the airstrip and took the plane around for another takeoff.  The rest of the landings (there were 7 total) were marginal.  I did have to deal with a crosswind some today, and I don't feel all too bad about the landings as I never did hit too hard, and my pattern work was the best it has been in weeks.  No too-steep turns, and almost every entry to final was right on the glide slope.  I corrected fine on most of the legs for the crosswind, and my altitude control was fine.

Matt and I debriefed after parking the plane, and I told him that I didn't think I did so hot today.  Considering the time since I flew last, I guess it wasn't too bad.  I did expect to have some difficulty though when I flew today.  Amazing how much you can forget in 2 weeks.  I fly again tomorrow and hopefully, I'll do better.

I'll keep you posted...

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