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I soon went out and picked up 2 more books,  " Your Pilot's License" and the " Aim-Far 1999".  I knew that I had better get a jump on the ground school stuff If I was to save any money at all for the training.  The school rents their planes at about  $78 an hour for non-members, and $57 an hour for members, and it costs $200 to be a member.  The instructor charges $25 an hour.  I figured that it was going to run me about $4500 for the whole sha-bang.  All the schools estimated the minimum 40 hours of flight time, but said that it usually takes 55 or more to complete the course with a license.  Here is how I figured my costs:

Rental Cost Estimates (SpanaFlight)




C172 Rental   55.00  $  57.00  $3,135.00
Instructor   30.00  $  25.00  $   750.00
Total Rental Costs  $3,885.00
Fixed Expenses




Medical Exam 1  $  60.00  $     60.00
Flight Club 1  $200.00  $   200.00
Dues for Club(monthly)


 $  20.00  $     60.00
Training Materials 1  $200.00  $   200.00
Total Fixed Expense Cost  $   520.00

Grand Total  


Total Cost per flight hour  

$     80.09

As I found out, Learning to fly is not cheap.  Should be worth it though.

My next endeavor was to find the least expensive way to fly in my area.  So far, I have only examined one company in detail and although they have decent rental rates, I still think I can find better.  I wasn't all too comfortable with my first instructor either.

I found several small airports located around Seattle.  I was willing to travel some, so this opened up several of the smaller ones, and a  large one for me to investigate.  I got a list of Airports in Washington at AirNav.  I selected the following list as having an acceptable drive: 



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