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Flight 44 at SpanaFlight 
(Total: 2.5 PIC, 53.0 Dual, 2.0 Sim IFR, .2 Night, 1.0 Complex, 200 Landings)


Had to reschedule this flight some due to some conflicting schedules, but after a little instructor negotiation, I headed out this evening to attempt to prove to Matt that I could still land the plane, and to work on my short and soft field takeoffs and landings.

I arrived my usual early, and Matt was waiting, but the plane we were scheduled to fly in was out.  We talked a bit, and soon thereafter, the plane arrived and I headed out to preflight.  After everything checked out ok, we started the plane, and headed out to 34 for runup checks.  

Those went smoothly, and I didn't even forget a checklist item.  I noted that the wind was pretty much straight down the runway, even though it was pretty strong.  I taxied onto 34 and started with a normal takeoff.  At about 500feet AGL, Matt suddenly pulls the power and I have to perform an emergency landing.  That went smoothly, and he then added full power, and we continued to climb to TPA.  My pattern work wasn't too bad today.  I was a little high on the entry to the approach, but nothing I couldn't handle.  I then turned base and final and did a normal landing to a full stop.  I felt that I landed pretty good for my first attempt in almost 2 weeks.

We taxied back, and Matt wanted me to do a short field takeoff and landing.  I told Matt that although I have done 2 of these, it has been a long time, and I would appreciate a verbal refresher during the landing maneuver.  I taxied onto 34 keeping the plane close to the edge of the runway so as to have the most runway possible for the short field takeoff.  I added 10 degrees of flaps, held the brakes, and added full power.  After the engine instrument check, I released the brakes and we started rolling down the runway.  At 50 knots, I rotated, and the plane lifted at 55.  I kept the plane at 55 to climb steeply until we were clear of the simulated obstacle, and then I pitched for Vy and after my speed passed 60 knots, I removed the flaps.

The pattern was decent again, and Matt went over the landing steps for this maneuver.  I pulled carb heat and power at about 75% of the runway length, and added 10 degrees flaps when I slowed enough.  I kept my speeds about 5 knots slower on each leg so as to get the plane in the right position.  I turned base, and added 20 degrees flaps.  Then final, and had full flaps on then.  We were high and slow, and I had to remember that my aim point wasn't the numbers, but the third stripe so as to miss the tree that had "suddenly" grown on the end of the runway.

I really concentrated on my speed, and was kind of worried that I might stall, but never did.  My speed was about 55 knots, and I pitched the plane so as not to lose any more speed.  As it was I actually came in a little faster than I should have, and had 63 knots when I finally landed.  The landing was normal, although steep.  I then dumped the flaps, and applied the brakes, and we were done.  I then cleared teh runway, and took it back to the head and did another short field takeoff.

This time around the pattern, Matt didn't say anything.  He was checking to see if I did this myself correctly this time.  I took the plane around, and did the same things I did last time.  I landed smoothly, and on the place I expected to.  Matt said that I did pretty good on that one, considering how much practice at these I actually had.  

Next was soft field takeoff and landings.  I added the 10 degrees of flaps and then kept the elevator full up and then taxied onto the runway without using my brakes at all.  I lined up, and added full power.  I pulled my nose off the ground early, and when the plane started lifting off, I leveled it off (or attempted to at least) and as soon as my speed built up enough, I continued my climb and took out my flaps.

The approach was a normal one, and pretty decent I might add.  I remembered how to do these, so I didn't ask for help here.  I added a touch of power on the flare so as to smooth out my landing some, and I kept the nose of the plane off the ground as much as possible until we pulled off the runway.

I then headed out to do another soft field takeoff, but Matt wanted a short field landing.  The takeoff was uneventful, as well as the landing.  I think I did really good on my final attempt for the day at the short field landing.  Matt commented that I had side loaded the plane some, but I didn't even feel it.  I then taxied off the runway and headed out to the parking area to shut down the plane.  

A few minutes later we headed in and he billed me and signed my logbook.  Apparently the cost of my flying has gone up some, as the plane rental price just increased $10 an hour to $67.  I was none too happy about that, but there wasn't much I could do about it.  At least I was a club member and didn't have to pay the $80 an hour that non-members do.

Matt commented that he is feeling a lot better about my landings lately, and has no worries about me soloing anymore.  He just wants me to keep practicing so as to improve those even more.  My next flight, Matt wants me to head out to Jefferson County airport for a short cross country flight again.  This will be my second solo cross country flight, in preparation for the solo long that will come soon thereafter.

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