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Flight 19 at SpanaFlight (Total: 22.3 Dual, 1.3 Sim IFR, .2 Night, 67 Landings)


Today was both fun and extremely frustrating.  Matt and I had planned on possibly doing some ground reference maneuvers, and some high altitude work, but the weather was fairly crappy, and we decided to just do the takeoffs and landings instead.  Not that I didn't need the practice.  

Took off from 16 and stayed in the pattern.  I made an effort to extend my crosswind leg on the first go around, and in doing so, I was too far out.  There was a light crosswind from the southwest, and I set up a crab to compensate.  Turning to final, I undershot the turn, and had to shorten it.  At least it wasn't like last time where I was too close and didn't have enough time to turn.  I lined up on the runway, and landed.  Still landed pretty hard, but still seemed better than my first attempts.  There was some wind shear about 200 feet AGL and that threw me some during the landing though.  We did a full stop and taxied back to the runway.  

The second and third times resembled the first time nearly exactly.  My pattern work was fair at best, and I turned too soon for final.  My altitudes and airspeeds were better though.  These were also full stop landings.

Now Matt has told me that under normal procedures, the solo was 3 full stop landings dual, then the instructor gets out, and I do 3 more full stop landings solo.  I also knew that my landings were still sucking pretty badly, and that I would have a coronary if Matt hopped out after the third stop.  Thankfully, it was pretty obvious how crappy these landings were, and he stayed seated the whole time.

The fourth time, I did significantly better on the flare and touchdown. even though the turn to final was short again.   Full stop there too.

The rest of the landings were a little better than the first 3, but nowhere near as good as the fourth one.  I even bounced the plane once.  I wondered if I should have counted that one as 2 landings. :)  We finished up and taxied back to the parking area.  I feel as though I am still learning things on each landing, but I'm very frustrated that it isn't improving as fast as I wanted it to.  Next time we will continue the landing practice until I start getting it right more consistently.  I sure hope this starts improving faster.

More next time....

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