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I went to an Air show at McChord Air Force base last weekend.  That was the first time I have ever gone to an air show.  I took my oldest son, and we walked down to the airfield.  The first thing I noticed was how many people were there.  Since I tend towards being a hermit mostly, the thousands of people made me a little uncomfortable.  I took my son to several of the aircraft there and let him sit in the cockpit and push buttons.  He seemed to have a pretty good time.  We eventually wandered past all the concessions and such to the airfield runway, and camped out for a bit and watched several planes take off.  C141's I believe.  Watched an A-10 Warthog perform some stunts, and then sat by as Paratroopers jumped from the C141's that took off earlier.  Walked around a bit more and took pictures of several GA aircraft and some WWII Aircraft, including a Japanese Zero

We decided not to stay for the whole show since we had some plans for later in the day.  We hung around until mid-afternoon and then left. 

Training Search Continued

I went out and found another book called the "The Student Pilots Flight Manual Sixth Edition" by William Kershner that looked pretty thorough, and have started reading it. I have decided to stick with my local FBO since they seem to be the cheapest overall of most of the local schools. I have, however decided to take a $99 Challenge from the Auburn FBO since it provides 2 hours dual Flight and one hour Ground for around $99, which my FBO doesn't offer. I also found out that they allow me to break up the time and take two lessons with the same time. Since I am a larger individual, I have to get a larger airplane as I described earlier and that brought the price up to $135 (after tax). I decided to rent a Piper Warrior from the school so that I can have a little experience in that airplane before I go back to the Cessna 172's at my local FBO.

I took a scouting trip to the Auburn FBO to see what they have, and found that they have a nice pilot shop. I picked up my first Pilot Logbook and a Seattle Sectional chart so I can familiarize myself with the area some. I also spotted the Jepessen Private Pilot's Instruction Book that I am determined to pick up next, or I might just buy the whole package online and save a couple of bucks. My local FBO just has one small counter with a few supplies, but I am going to have to order most of the supplies from the Internet.

I scheduled the $99 flight for Monday, and am getting pretty antsy. I keep my self satiated by reading some more of the Kershner Manual this weekend.

Monday's Flight on a Piper Warrior...