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Flight 29 at SpanaFlight (Total: 31.5 Dual, 1.3 Sim IFR, .2 Night, 1.0 Complex, 126 Landings)


I have been getting pretty lucky lately when it comes to the weather.  Today was fairly grim looking though.  No winds, but low clouds and rain.  I didn't get called by Matt to cancel, so I went right out to the airport.  Matt was there waiting, and I started right out and pre-flighted the plane. Everything checked out ok, so Matt got in and we headed out to Runway 16 to do final checks.

The checks went smoothly, and we taxied out and took off.  Matt said that these would be full stop landings, which I expected.  I really concentrated on my pattern work today.  This time around the pattern was nearly perfect and I was on the glide-slope turning to final.  I flared, and landed with a slight side-load.  I caught it but didn't correct for it on time though.  Matt mentioned it to me as well, but he said it wasn't too bad though.  

Took the plane back to 16 and lifted off again.  This time around, again my pattern was terrific, and I landed smoothly.  No ballooning or side-loading.  Not my best though, but not too bad.  We then headed back to 16 to take off again.  

Took it up for another time around, and again did pretty damn good pattern work.  I was a little high turning to final, but corrected for it appropriately.  I then flared smoothly and touched down.  Matt commented that this landing was really good, and to keep up that kind of landing.  We then taxied back to 16 and set up for another takeoff.

We took off again, and climbed normally.  The pattern work was pretty good, although I almost exceeded 30 degrees on my turn from crosswind to downwind leg.  Base, then final, and then I flared too much and ballooned some before landing.  Not the worst I have done though.  We then headed back to 16 final time around the pattern.

This time, we took off normally.  Did ok in the pattern, although I was about 50 feet low on downwind.  I then turned base, and then final.  For some reason, I didn't flare soon enough and we did a 3 point landing.  I got scolded some for that, even though I was scolding myself for doing that.  We then headed back to the FBO shut down, and parked the plane. 

Matt and I discussed how today's flight went, and we both agreed that the pattern work was the best I have done, and most of my landings were pretty good.  The side-loading on the first landing and the 3 point on the last landing were my biggest mistakes.  All in all, I was pretty happy with my performance today, even though Matt didn't feel comfortable enough to solo me.  I fly again on Wednesday, and hopefully, I'll start pulling this all together so that my landings will be a non-event soon enough.

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