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Flight 4 at SpanaFlight (Total: 5.7 Dual, 14 Landings)


Today’s flight went a lot better than the last two.  Ground school was shorter today, and we concentrated on runway markings, and some more on traffic patterns.  We decided to work on takeoffs and landings, and to introduce Instrument flight to me during this flight. 

We went out to 4705G and started the pre-flight checklist.  These seem to go pretty quick now.  We got in and started the airplane, taxied to runway 34, and proceeded to take off.  I forgot to turn on the landing lights this time as we entered the runway, and forgot to test the flight controls on the run up area, but the rest of the checklist went smoothly.    We proceeded out of the pattern and down to the practice area. 

I was determined to maintain my altitude and heading this time, and spent a good amount of time controlling the aircraft to do so.  I seemed to do pretty well this time.  We started out by doing the standard clearing maneuver.  I decided to use an outside reference to maintain my heading so that I wouldn’t have to stare at the instruments all the time.  Then proceeded to perform a power on stall.  That went more smoothly than last time, but I forgot my fuel flow checks before the maneuver.  The instructor pointed that out though, and I performed them. 

We then started to do a power off stall.  That went a lot better than last time.  First of all, I didn’t panic.  I just thought about all the steps I needed to take prior to the maneuver, and proceeded to do them just fine.  The only problems this time were that I needed to pull back more on the yoke to actually stall the airplane, and I failed to maintain my heading this time.  I’ll start getting these I know it. 

Simulated instrument flight was next.  Matt pulled out some classes he called “Foggles” that are used to obscure my vision outside the airplane, but allow me to see the instruments just fine.  I put them on, and he took the controls, and positioned the plane for straight and level flight.  He then had me take the plane and just maintain course and altitude.  He also showed me the scanning technique for checking out my instruments.  I was bound and determined to perform this maneuver well, so I just took it in stride and followed Matt’s instructions.  We did a few turns and ascents and descents, all the time maintaining controlled flight.  Matt then removed the “Foggles” and we proceeded back towards the airport.  Matt said I did very well on instrument flight, as he expected me to be all over the air.

We then did two touch-and-gos and one full-stop landing.  The landings were a little better this time, and the takeoffs were much better.  We then pulled in, secured the plane, and debriefed in the office.  Next lesson is on Thursday, and I am looking much more forward to it than I was to this one.  More then.

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