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Flight 17 at SpanaFlight (Total: 20.3 Dual, 1.3 Sim IFR, .2 Night, 55 Landings)


Has been another week since I have flown last, mainly due to the wonderful winter-like weather we have had around this place.  After juggling my flying schedule some this morning, I reported to the airport at about 1:45 PM and waited for Matt to finish with his last student.  

Matt finished up and we went back to do some ground school.  Today's discussion was a review of the Flight Manual for the 172N.  We covered performance characteristics, speeds, and emergency procedures.  Then it was out to the plane to start the preflight.

We took off from Runway 16 and proceeded to the practice area and started with slow flight.  I entered it ok, and was able to maintain myself fairly well.  We did this for a couple of minutes and then went right into a power off stall.  That went smoothly, and after I recovered, we set up for a power on stall. 

Now, I haven't flown in a week, so, I expected to forget a few of the procedures, but I don't know what I was thinking setting up for the power on stall this time.  I just pushed in full power and started banking for a stall.  Matt then took the controls, and set us up for it.  Of course, I felt like a complete idiot forgetting something I have practiced so much in the last 2 months.  Anyway, I recovered from it fine.  

As we flew around the practice area, we had to turn around a couple of times.  Seems that everybody and their brothers were out flying or parachuting today.  On top of that, the fog was rolling in from the south towards the airport.  We decided to head back and do some landings.  As we approached the airport, Matt pulled an engine out drill on me.  I did it ok, only off a little on my glide speed.  I found a field, and then did a go around.

Then it was off to the airport for real this time.  Runway 16 was in use, and the fog was getting close.  It didn't seem as bad, but when on the base leg, I actually lost sight briefly of the runway.  After a couple of seconds, though, I saw it ok.  I lined up, and landed with a side load, and skidded on one wheel.  It was a clunky landing, and Matt helped a lot on that one.  We decided to call it a day, as that landing was difficult enough with the fog rolling in.  Went in and debriefed.  We are still going to work on my landings more next flight.  Hopefully the weather will allow for it.  

Monday's flight needed to be cancelled, but I fly again on Thursday.  I have my medical exam scheduled for Tuesday, and if it goes well, I will have all my prerequisites done for my solo.  I am getting pretty nervous about my solo, and hope I get a lot better at my landings before I get the opportunity.  

More next time....

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