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Flight Hours to date: 3.0 PIC, 55.3 Dual, 214 (8) Landings
Stage:  Post-solo, Cross Country's

6/29/00 - Ugh...Airborne again
Yes, you weren't reading incorrectly, I haven't flown is WAY to long a time.  The new job is keeping me from flying anymore during the week, and getting a sunny weekend in Seattle is like winning the lottery.  I did a short refresher flight last week, and am planning a short cross country this weekend.  Stay tuned.

5/13/00 and 5/19/00 - Landing practice, and night ops.
2 flights in this journal.  More back to basics training, solo work, and night operations.  Read more here.

5/7/00 - Dual Local - Landing practice
Matt and I decided to work on my short and soft field landings some more today.  I thing I am getting the hang of these.  Read more here.

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Hello, I'm Paul, and its my goal to become a private pilot.  I  have had this quest since I was a grade-schooler, but have never acted on that desire. The purpose of this web site is so that I may record my activities in this endeavor, as well as to have a useful place to put any links and images I find useful.    

This web was designed by me for my own use, but if you are reading this, and find this information useful, please drop me a note telling me so at  

I will keep updating this site as to my student progress at least until I get my license.  This is my flight school....Click here to go to their site.I know these diaries can be a dime a dozen, but I hope you will find mine useful....I know I will.  

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